Although we would love to deliver the scheme for free, we do have to take into account the cost of training and sending an assessor, including their travelling time and expertise. This means we have to charge for the scheme, however we firmly believe that the benefits delivered by the scheme far outweigh the cost to the business; we're even testing the system at the moment to find out the average Return-on-Investment for the scheme.

Bearing this in mind, we have tried to keep the pricing as simple and clear as possible, accounting for the average time taken to assess businesses of different sizes. We have therefore categorised pricing according to the size of the business.

The REST Scheme

Prices start from £150 + VAT depending on the size and scale of the business.

On application our team will work with you to ascertain how long they believe an inspection will take and will confirm the price with you. The price includes your inspection, your membership, your exclusive marketing materials including logo pack and plaque, access to all the money-saving benefits, regular updates and so much more. 

Supplier Scheme

Our supplier recognition scheme is currently in development. Please register your interest to be kept up to date on the scheme launch.

HBAA Members

Are you a member of HBAA? Find out more about our partnership and how much it could save you...

Additional Schemes

Did you know that we also deliver an Access Scheme, and the Quality in Tourism Star Grading scheme using our assessors? For a limited time, you can be assessed under more than one scheme at a discounted rate.