The REST Assessment

REST assessments measure your commitment to being a responsible, ethical and sustainable business, and are independent and objective. They are carried out onsite at your premises, providing a credible, unbiased grading against more than 250 different criteria.

You will be given time and guidance to prepare, including a list of evidence which will need to be readily available to our assessor. Our assessor will arrive unannounced, ensuring that we get a good insight into the 'day-to-day' sustainability of your business, rather than the 'picture-perfect' snapshot that businesses prefer to present. Our ambition is not to catch you out, but to benchmark your business as it actually is, not how you would like it to be, so that your score is fair and provides realistic expectations to your customers, and ensuring that the guidance and advice you receive is appropriate to implement. 

Our assessors have hundreds of years' experience between them. The average assessment will take 4-6 hours,, although this varies somewhat according to the size of the business and the scale of the site.

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