Criteria for the REST Scheme...

The criteria for the REST team were devised by a group of experts, with the ambition to objectively measure and quantify every aspect of the business, against benchmarks for quality, responsibility, sustainability, ethical practices, environmental commitments and overall practices, alongside legal compliance. 

The criteria have been divided into four cornerstones 'Environmental & Economic Management', 'Corporate Social Responsibility', 'HR & Ethical Employment' and 'Supplier Practices & Business Compliance'. Each individual question requires a specific answer, from an accurate reading of your energy usage, to presentation of your staffing policy, and up-to-date certificates. Each has then been given one of four levels of weighting, to ensure fair measurement and objective assessment, regardless of the size of the business.

  • Environmental and economic management assesses waste, pollution, energy consumption, water, carbon footprint, sustainable developments, sustainable practices, provenance and much more.
  • Corporate social responsibility (CSR) measures your relationships with the local community, charitable commitments, and your activities which go beyond the day-to-day.
  • HR and ethical employment includes legal compliance, alongside staffing policies, unique initiatives and incentives, plus feedback from your staff.
  • Supplier practices and business compliance looks at the way in which you source and work with your suppliers; how they are selected initially, in addition to the ways you work together to improve co-sustainability.

Although designed to be objective, there is plenty of room for you to demonstrate your superstar business qualities and gain extra recognition for a specific area of the business (or two!). Don't forgot to show our assessors your Wow Factor.