Calculating your results...

The REST accreditation assesses your businesses against more than 250 different criteria. Each of the criteria is given a 'status' (Mandatory, Expected, Optional, Bonus), which are linked to a weighting towards the final score.

During the assessment, our assessors will mark your business against the different criteria, and will also produce a report. Combined, these will...

Pass or Fail the business

Although a large proportion of the criterion measure how sustainable you are, a number of them fall into the 'mandatory' category, which have a pass / fail standard. Businesses must pass all of these mandatory criteria in order to qualify for the accreditation. These criteria are not designed to be onerous for the business, but are benchmarks which, you are legally required to meet, are easy to implement, or are expected by customers. Businesses which fail to meet up to three mandatory criteria will be given six weeks in which to deliver and present evidence demonstrating implementation; failing to meet more than four criteria will result in re-inspection at a later date. 

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Create a percentage score

Once the assessor has determined that you pass, and has inspected the whole business, the scores will be totaled and converted to a percentage, which will be your score for the year. This score will be accompanied by a full report, which details areas of strength and weakness, as well as recommendations and guidance for improvements. You will also be given an exclusive logo which you can display on marketing materials, including your percentage score.

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Give you special status 

As well as spotlighting the overall sustainability of a business, we are also on the hunt for those who exhibit exceptional standards in one or more areas, and will highlight these as exemplary providers. Exemplary businesses will be given an additional special status logo, which are rare and denote just how much you excel in a specific area of the assessment.

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