The REST scheme has been designed to assess businesses in the tourism, hospitality and leisure business, and their suppliers. The short-term aim is to benchmark and grade businesses to determine their sustainability; the long-term aim is to create a network of like-minded businesses, improving the overall sustainability of the industry... 

Accommodation Providers

Hotels, B&Bs, Guesthouses, Self-Catering Accommodation, University Halls, Serviced Apartments and any other businesses which provide space for guests to stay, can apply for grading under the scheme. The accreditation will demonstrate your commitment to sustainability, assessing your business, your guest engagement and your supplier selections...

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Conferencing & Venues

Conferencing facilities and all other Venues can be graded on their sustainability practices and successes. Even if you don't have space for guests to stay, you can still be accredited, as we take a look at your facilities, engagement and suppliers. Even better, we're partnering with major brands to ensure the accreditation fulfills RFP processes, to help ensure that you qualify...

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Providers & Suppliers

We are supporting our accommodation and venue members with a recognised supplier list, enabling them to make ethical, sustainable choices for their supply chains. The impending supplier accreditation will benchmark your business to the same standards as the REST scheme, making your business eligible for recommendation...

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